Working with Millenials & Working with Purpose

Updated: Jan 6

With the steady development of technology comes the evolution of the workplace. Millennials - the generation of digital natives - are slowly dominating the workforce, bringing in their fresh ideas and their tech-savviness.

With that also comes a shift in work and office culture. With Boomers and Millennials needing to thrive together in some spaces, there arises some conflicts in terms of their goals and their aspirations in working environments.

What does it really mean to work with and work as a millennial nowadays?

One of the tenants of Work/With from the e-commerce industry had the rare opportunity of seeing both points-of-view as a millennial whose career was shaped under the tutelage of bosses from the older generation. Now a leader to younger millennials, he definitely says that they are comparable to Gen X and Boomers.

“Millennials tend to have a perception of self-entitlement,” he said. “But it’s actually not their fault. It’s the fault of the environment and the family culture we have been raised to.”

He observed how parents tend to be more hands-on in raising their children, to the point of meddling in school awards when their children don’t have any. This sets up the child’s expectation that they can have everything they want in life.

“When they step into the real world, they get really frustrated. It's up to companies to build their discipline and resilience,” he says, addressing the need to bridge that gap between employers and their millennial employees.

Of course, millennials have contributions that are important to the workplace, such as their tech-savviness and their passion for purpose. “They also need to have a drive in the sense that they need to work with a sense of purpose.”

The days of working simply to afford a living and some luxuries are slowly waning as millennials want to work with meaning and fulfillment, especially for causes they believe in.

This is one of the advantages of coworking spaces. “The [coworking] space is very formal, but at the same time, you feel that you're not really working,” he elaborates. “It's not very stressful on a day-to-day basis.”

It also provides a collaborative vibe. “Even if you don't share the same company you get to see different people from different walks of life. This is something that would create new relationships with people.”

The evolution of work and office culture is inevitable, and eventually, millennials will dominate the workplace and be the leaders for the younger generation. One way you can start adapting is through space.


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